Are you curious about The Leadership Lifestyle and how it can help to improve team performance?

Perhaps you are a manager looking for ways to improve employee health and wellbeing and reduce sickness absence levels work?

Maybe you want to improve staff morale and explore ways in which you can help your team to feel happier, healthier and more productive?

Or do you just want a break out of the office to get some inspiration in a great sporting environment.

Next week I am in Cardiff to deliver an interactive workshop exploring the links between lifestyle, well-being and work performance. This session is commissioned by the Chartered Management Institute and is also a great opportunity to network with like minded leaders.

This session is free and spaces are limited.

The session looks like this:

-Learn how to lead your team to improved health and wellbeing
-Discover ways in which you can support others to build their resilience
-Explore ways in which you can engage, influence, and motivate employees to improve health behaviours
-Learn practical strategies to move minds and bodies at work
-Understand how to develop a Leadership Lifestyle culture within your organisation

For further information and to book your place, please click on the following Eventbrite link : Leadership Lifestyle Event

Tweet me at @performancecirc and let me know if you are coming. Cant come? Dont worry, you can tweet your questions to @performancecirc and I will get back to you ASAP.

Have a great day!

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