You’ve seen the ITV Wales TV show now you can find out more about how you can build a happy, fulfilled life with closer connection to others and improve how you feel each day.

Based on proven science we will guide you through a range of exercises to help you create a balanced lifestyle that leads to increased happiness and works for you

how to be happy

Lifestyle Leadership with Emma Howells-Davies
Lifestyle and Behaviour Change Coach

Emma, the Movement Maestro, will show you how to have more energy, increase your self-belief, overcome challenges and get more from each moment in life. In this section of the workshop you will earn about how to:

– Sleep better and wake refreshed
– Eat better and increase your vitality
– Make more movement part of your everyday life
– Move more and get the body you want
– Increase self belief
– Overcome what is holding you back
– Have more energy to do what you want in life

mark hodder

The Science of Happiness with Mark Hodder
Positive Psychology Specialist

Mark, the Positivity Practitioner, will guide you through the proven practical ways to find greater enjoyment, peace of mind, happiness and ways to flourish in your life. In this element of the workshop you will learn how to:

– Form happiness habits for yourself
– Find out which happiness techniques work for you
– Connect and form lasting positive relationships with others
– Learn and grow more from setbacks
– Have more peace of mind
– Achieve more fulfilment at work and home

When and where is the workshop to be held?

Further dates coming soon.

Contact us to go on the waiting  list.

We may not be able to guarantee you greater happiness, but we know from over 20 years’ experience in making good lifestyle choices and increasing happiness these ideas have helped many people achieve and sustain more of what they want from life.

This full day workshop includes refreshments and lunch. Happy clothes are advised, by which we mean clothes you are happy to get involved in movement and activities throughout the day. Above all though, be yourself and you’ll get the most from the day.


Who is this workshop for?

Well, as most of us would like to be happier and knowing that our workshop is for everyone, no prior knowledge or experience is required, and all techniques and ideas will be fully explained and practiced. All we ask is your willingness to get involved in the interactive exercises, try them for yourself and see if they work for you. Families, social groups, those in any form of relationship and of course workplace colleagues are all encouraged to attend, it’s always better to be happy together.

Lifestyle and happiness are for all aspects of life.


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