You may be familiar with the coaching model first proposed by Tim Galloway: Performance = Potential – interference.

Any business leader, manager or athlete will understand the importance of focus and how to support your team to manage and reduce their chances of interference.

Interference can come in many forms, for example; internal thoughts and feelings, looking for distractions and habits such as clicking to check and respond to emails. External factors such as noise, interruptions, questions and tasks can slow you down and distract you from your most important goals, effecting your concentration and your focus. Such behaviours can quickly become unhelpful habits which stifle your productivity and hinder your progress, not only in work but in other areas of your life- maybe this is also happening with your diet, your training or study.

One way of managing interference and optimising your productivity is to get ahead with an early start. Most days, I kick off my day with a morning workout as it gets me in my best mindset to inspire others. By creating this habit I also ensure that exercise is permanently scheduled in my diary and this reduces my mental effort to remember to go. My workout gets done before 10.30am and it has become a permanent commitment in my diary.

I recommend reading the blog which follows from the great Susan Hay, Editor of Thrive magazine. It provides some practical ideas in which you can optimise your productivity by getting ahead with an early start.

7 things that successful people do before 7AM

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