At the Performance Circle we are passionate about physical and mental fitness, we know how being out of balance can negatively affect your performance.

Are you an athlete wanting to maximise your performance?

In a game where every second, inch and point matters, could working on your your concentration, focus or mindset help you to be even better?

Many of the barriers that we face are personal blocks and ways of thinking and doing, which, with the right coaching, and mental skills development, you can overcome.

Would you like to feel more in control of your performance?

Our bespoke, professional coaching packages help sports professionals to stay at the top of their game, maintaining their perfect balance whilst optimising their performance.

  • Improve you ability to manage pressure
  • Time and space to reflect on performance and progress
  • Value your mental health as much as you value your physical fitness
  • Tackle sleep problems and get daily, quality rest.
  • Learn from mistakes and poor performance.
  • Increase your resilience and become antifragile.
  • Cultivate a more positive mindset.
  • Tools and techniques to manage anxiety and enable you to perform at your highest level.
  • Overcome mental obstacles and challenges quicker.
  • Cultivate daily habits that will help you with longer term health
  • Keep on top of obsessional patterns and maintain a health balance.
  • Techniques to improve your concentration and focus.

“Emma really helped me to feel more positive and manage my anxiety whilst injured.”

Who it’s for…

The Athlete Peak Programme Programme is a unique coaching model that equips sports professionals with the sport which they need to lead a performance lifestyle.

emma peak performance

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Interested in learning more?

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“This work-based programme is having an impact on my whole life. I feel more confident and my health has improved – I didn’t expect this work programme to deliver so many personal gains!”

Jan Jones

“This work-based programme is having an impact on my whole life. I feel more confident and my health has improved – I didn’t expect this work programme to deliver so many personal gains related to sleep, fitness and confidence!”

Steve - Cardiff University

“Challenging you respectfully and facilitating skillfully, Emma really stimulates your thinking. I got a lot from the session and noticed changes in my thinking. I am seeing differences in my behaviour and how I am interacting with others.”

Sally Evans

“I didn’t expect to learn how to lose weight on a work-training day; I’m so glad I attended.”

Bob Protent

How and why I can help you to perform better…

I am a behavioural change specialist with over 20 years of experience in supporting people to improve their lifestyle and maximise their performance, with a diverse background in sport, health and education.

I’ve achieved personal sporting success in a range of sports, earning a number of titles including Welsh, British and Spanish Open Karate Knockdown Champion and achieving a silver medal in the 2005 World Full Contact Knockdown Karate Championships. I know what it takes to cultivate a mindset for success – in sport or business.

I’m a qualified Health Promotion Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach and hold a range of teaching qualifications and a Postgraduate Diploma in Mentoring and Entrepreneurship. Let me help you to reach your own personal best.