Cultivate a resilient, dynamic workforce that thrives in health, happiness and wellbeing.

At the core of the Performance Circle training is the Leadership Lifestyle Programme.
The Leadership Lifestyle Programme can be delivered at your premises, at The Vale Resort, near Cardiff, or at a location of your choosing.

“Groundbreaking and high impact!”

Do you want high impact interventions, which stimulate thinking and inspire change?

Six core modules are central to the Leadership Lifestyle programme, all of which may be modified, added to or adapted to align with your organisation’s training needs:

Moving the body to move the mind

During this module, participants are shown how to break energy sapping, sedentary work habits and will learn how to use physical activity to improve brainpower and boost productivity.


Strategies for self-care

This module demonstrates to delegates how they can create strategies that will develop skills, build confidence, maximise emotional wellbeing and craft everyday habits to overcome adversity and strengthen their resilience and their ability to cope.

Cultivating a new mindset

Participants will learn how to create working environments which maximise engagement and increase their productivity. They will also discover how to improve their mindset and support others to develop and make best use of their resources.

Inspirational and insightful

In this module, delegates will explore and test out a range of self-management techniques from the disciplines of health, sport and business to build confidence, manage anxiety and improve behavioural flexibility.

Uplifting, focused motivation

This section leads participants to discover how to get – and stay – motivated in order to make lifestyle changes, which improve their quality of life. They also learn skills, and practice techniques, to support others to change.

Strategies to inspire excellence

Mindset affects not only the quality of participants’ thinking but also the results gained. This module shows each participant how to develop a mindset which enables their success and enriches their life.

To register your company’s interest in the Leadership Lifestyle Programme, or to discuss the programme further, please complete the form below or contact the Performance Circle on 07989 400047.

“This work-based programme is having an impact on my whole life. I feel more confident and my health has improved – I didn’t expect this work programme to deliver so many personal gains!”

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