How satisfied will you be by the end of today? How much of what you do will get you what you want? How will your actions help you to make progress and move you closer to your goals?

Yet many of todays behaviours were performed yesterday, last week….

What stops you from changing?

Most of our daily behaviours are habit based, it’s great because that saves us time, effort and energy- think about all of the regular things you’ve done already today and how little thinking energy they took.

Often we outgrow our habits, but we still keep running the behaviors. Maybe we don’t need them anymore, or they have become pointless or in conflict with one of our goals. Sometime you are aware of this conflict and sometimes you are not.

The problem with habits is that repetition has made them automatic, familiar, somewhat comforting and this can make it difficult to change. Old ways of thinking and doing can hold us back, sucking our energy and hindering our progress. This can impact on our confidence, our motivation and how satisfied we feel; sometimes we get stuck. You will be familiar with the feelings of frustration.

Before you dive into the rest of the week think the things you will do – maybe you did them last week too? What habits are holding you back? Be honest with yourself and consider which of those things are pointless, time wasting or unhelpful? What activities don’t deliver the results that you want? If you are honest with yourself you know the answer and there is always something that you can change.

Apply your insights to this week to start interrupting unhelpful patterns. I challenge you to create one new helpful habit, which will serve you better. What will it be?

How does this apply to your diet, your training or your sport? Maybe it applies to how you work, your mindset or within your relationships.

Make a plan to change things, take control over your habits and get more satisfaction.

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