Whether you have had a shocking competition, given a dodgy presentation or under performed in a job interview, your mindset will determine how quickly you bounce back.

Negative experiences can affect the ego and we can protect ourselves by avoiding these challenges altogether. Sometimes we do (what you may recognise as) self-sabotage behaviours; for example under preparing. Then we might say about the competition or exam, “If only I’d practiced or had more time, I would have done really well.”

Perhaps your first or last competition experience has put you off from entering your next one for fear of not being as good as the other athletes. It’s likely that you have overlooked the fact that whilst preparing for the competition you learned many new things and gained increased fitness and strength which you benefit from each day.

Or did you say, “never again” after a recent stressful attempt at public speaking? Did you also stop to appreciate what you learned from the experience, what you achieved by putting yourself forward and how you could build on this next time?

Maybe you haven’t recovered from those feelings of rejection following your last job interview, so you stay stuck in a role which you feel miserable about. Perhaps you now lack the confidence and motivation to apply for further positions, so you say, “there are no opportunities about.” Maybe you have even given up trying so you don’t see the developmental opportunities which would build your confidence and your skill set.

So often we avoid the things, which will help us to progress and move forward, and we allow our egos to get in the way. Thinking differently about these situations and experiences will allow you to respond in far more empowering ways.

Remember, in your most resourceful (growth) mindset it is okay to make mistakes and not get it right first time as long as you put the effort in and do your best.  What is important is that you are open to feedback and prepared to learn from these mistakes. This mindset allows you to see challenges as opportunities for growth, learning and development.

Viewing challenges in this way is motivational and inspiring and will empower you to keep working hard and putting the effort in. Your effort will fuel your progress, you will gain more satisfaction and you will achieve better results.

As with all habits, growth mindset thinking can become a habit and approach to life which will build our resilience and contribute positively to our mental health and wellbeing. In the growth mindset we develop a whole attitude and set of skills, which serve us well in all areas of our life.

How can adopting growth mindset help you to overcome any blocks or barriers? Try this empowering mindset on at work this week, walk into the gym with today and see how it effects your training. You may be surprised how well it fits. Notice how  it spreads to other areas of your life and you become a positive influence on the people around you.

Here are some questions, with which you can unstick yourself.

Where are you stuck? What result do you want in this situation or area of your life? What was the sticky experience and what can you learn from it so that you can release yourself from it today?

Make a plan. Take one action today. Keep the momentum going.

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