“I’ll start on Monday.” How often do you say or hear this sentence?  In my work helping clients to change lifestyle habits and behaviours I hear this daily.

Why Monday, why does all change have to start on a Monday? Monday is hard enough for most people after the slower pace and freedom of the weekend.

Poor Monday gets a bad reputation because we often overload it with tasks and expectations, if you really think about it, Monday is not necessarily the best day to start doing things better.

When you have finally decided to change something which you having been considering for a while- for example improving your diet, increasing your physical activity levels, or becoming more assertive at work, why wait until Monday to make the changes when you can start enjoying the benefits today?

Raise motivation and commitment levels by taking action as soon as possible. Even if its a small action like searching the internet for some healthier family meal ideas, getting out for a lunch time walk, or flexing your NO muscles with your colleague. Stop putting things off and stop making your Mondays miserable. Get into better action taking habits by getting started today, make today the day you change – the time is now!

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