Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have it all? Success, health, a great physique… and it can be easy to start believing that money buys all of this.

More than likely, the people you’re picturing right now haven’t bought all of this; instead, their financial success is just another by-product of having the right resources, training, and making the right decisions.

Your take-away? You don’t have to have loads of money to be fit, healthy and happy. You can, however, use the pieces of advice listed below to achieve the level and type of wealth that you desire—in the areas of finance, health and otherwise.

Outsource: Achieving the things that will make you feel healthy and wealthy requires time investment. And as any successful, heathy, fit person will tell you, you must maintain intense focus on what’s important to you in order to achieve it. This means delegating the tasks that you do not enjoy (or that are necessary but not directly related to your achievement of your goals) to others. You may consider hiring someone to clean your house, to write your blog, or to conduct the research for your next project so you have the time to hit the gym, meditate or prepare homemade, healthful meals.

Get Expert Advice: You cannot possibly own all the knowledge necessary for achieving your goals. Moreover, having been working only from the inside of your life’s operation, you have a limited view of its strengths and its shortcomings. For this reason, it makes sense for everyone to obtain the help of a coach or mentor. Maybe this means getting a personal trainer or life coach. Perhaps it means hiring a chef to prepare healthful meals or a nutritionist to advise you. This doesn’t mean taking advice from the taxi driver or the yo-yo dieter next door. Any expert should be qualified and able to provide both advice and support, so that you can feel championed in achieving your health and fitness goals.

Quality over Quantity: If you’re like most, your budget is limited. You don’t have loads of cash to be spending on celebrity trainers and chefs; you don’t have the luxury of leaving the office early in favour of gym time. Strive to make each choice an impactful one. If you can only get to the gym three times a week, then choose experiences that come highly recommended by experts, rather than the cheapest or the quickest. If you only have time to prepare one high-quality meal per day, then do your research and make it as nutritionally superior as possible. Instead of focussing on eating less (quantity), focus on eating more nutritionally dense food (quality).

Think Holistically: Becoming healthier doesn’t work well when you compartmentalise your daily activities—no matter how much you spend. Splurging on a high-profile trainer and then gorging on fast food or alcohol will get you nowhere. Try thinking of every routine activity as tying into the bigger picture. For example, eat a high-energy breakfast after a solid night’s sleep, follow every workout with foods that will replenish energy and maintain physique, use physical activity to combat stress, and so on. Surround yourself with healthy, active people on a daily basis, for support and encouragement to live the lifestyle you aspire to This is one way the healthy and wealthy do it.

Commitment: The wealthy and fit (like Madonna) do not wait until a tour is scheduled to hit the gym.Instead, they make health and fitness parts of their everyday lives. Readiness for an event is a short-term plan. A lifetime of health and fitness (and readiness for every event) is a long-term plan. The successful ones commit to the latter. And in order to stay focussed, they don’t box themselves into one type of fitness plan. You, too, can mix it up. Learn a new sport or style of dance. Change your jogging route. Join a fitness club that offers a variety of training programmes and activities. Keep it interesting to keep yourself interested, and your long-term goals will be more achievable.

Full Immersion: The successful person you aspire to be doesn’t just hover at the surface of the latest trend. That person doesn’t commit to halfway enjoyment. Instead, they study the history and learn the nuances of the fitness activities and eating regimens they’ve chosen. They become “one” with their choices and really invest their heart and soul into becoming the healthiest (and therefore wealthiest) person possible.

These points are what make many wealthy people fit and healthy. They haven’t purchased their many successes; they have, however, committed to earning fitness of body and mind with commitment and hard work—similar to the ways in which many of them earned their fortunes.

You too can achieve all-around success and health wealth. Get support, commit, make wise and guided choices, and immerse yourself in the experience. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how wealthy you’ll feel.

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