As businesses and schools start to re-open in the UK, anxiety levels remains high. Naturally, uncertainty about the future leaves people feeling uneasy and not wanting to commit.

⁠Concerns and worries are a normal response to threat, but anxiety can be detrimental to business. Without support worries can spiral and become unhealthy, frustrating and debilitating.

Of course, anxiety has been helpful keeping people at home over the past 2 months. Yet, as things start change and the economy opens, may people will need a little extra support to create new habits and get back to life beyond the postcode. ⁠

⁠It’s important to remember that many people have been touched by the pandemic and have been living in fear.

You can put things in place to make the return process smoother and safer, indirectly supporting people with their confidence and their mental health. ⁠

One way to ensure the smoothest transition is by developing a health and wellbeing plan and providing support and training to empower your team with strategies which will enable them to cope. ⁠

At the Performance Circle we have over 20 years of experience of working with big and small businesses, coaching leaders and teams through times of change.⁠

Having supported front line staff in the NHS through the pandemic, we have direct experience of the current issues faces by employees. This experience, combined with our extensive knowledge of health and wellbeing, enables us to help communities to thrive in the new normal.⁠

We can provide brief interventions, or longer term support to businesses and individuals in many different ways:⁠

-Online training and workshops
-Consultancy ⁠
-Coaching ⁠
-Brief Intervention⁠
-Clinical Hypnotherapy ⁠
-Health Promotion ⁠

Please reach out for more information or get in contact if you want to work together. ⁠

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