Performance Circle was commissioned to deliver a luxurious team away day primarily focused on themes that included: maximising mindsets; engaging and supporting the team and sharing the tools to support one another; gaining team participation and buy in; all of which should be centred around improving health and wellbeing, and promoting self-care and empowerment.

Cardiff University

Date Delivered:

July 2016


A full away day workshop located indoors and outdoors at The Vale Resort, near Cardiff

Number of participants:


 Workshop or programme delivered:

During the series of sessions throughout the day, participants were encouraged to test and share ideas, and change their thinking in a fresh and stimulating environment. The focus was on engaging and supporting the team by using a combination of yoga, mindfulness and mindful movement to maximise mindsets. In order to elicit full participation between the participants, they were shown how to identify and break habits, encouraging collective buy in and creating an environment of support for one another. Such practices will ultimately lead to improved health, wellbeing and resilience both inside and outside the work environment.

Participant testimonials:

Participants described the benefits from the day as being:

Improved engagement and team working, increased communication, empowerment to physically move and do things differently, the ability to challenge their own thinking and behaviour, as well as a newfound sense of motivation and team connectedness. They described the day as an enjoyable change to everyday practice in which they felt valued; they anticipated applying the knowledge not just in the workplace but also in their personal goals of fitness and weight loss. They also looked forward to enjoying increased daytime efficiency as the result of improved sleep and application of mindfulness techniques.


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