This private client commissioned Performance Circle to share tools and techniques to improve sports performance with a particular focus on energy demand.

Gethin Rhys-James

Welsh Team Member and Triple Bronze Medallist at the World Championships

Date Delivered:

Spanned several months during 2016


One to one sessions in a consultation room/gym environment

Number of participants:


 Workshop or programme delivered:

A comprehensive combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, state management and mental skills techniques was applied over a course of several months. By goal setting and following a process that identified and incorporated specific techniques, the client developed a highly effective method of competition preparation. This precision process resulted in the client being able to elicit a relaxed state of calm and focused concentration that results in an unparalleled performance whenever it is needed.

Participant testimonials:

“I’ve been training in Tae Kwon-Do since 1999 and have been competing since the age of 11. Tae Kwon-Do has many psychological demands. There’s stress from other competitors, coaches and the crowd and you only have yourself to rely on. There’s also an essential need for controlled aggression and explosive energy. My struggle was with energy demand. I’d walk into the arena energised but would have to wait around for hours before my first fight. As the day went on, that energy would dissipate and I would feel lethargic. These scenarios hacked at my confidence and self-belief.”

“I contacted Emma because I had been told some fantastic things about her work with athletes. She talked through my goals and made me feel comfortable with the process. She set me up with powerful techniques to integrate into my competition preparation. What surprised me was the specificity and fine details of the techniques. This is what made the service particularly special. After just two meetings with Emma, I had a competition. The beginning of the day was different to past competitions. I felt relaxed, calm and focused. This state persisted until it was my turn to fight. It was my best performance yet! My kicks and punches came out easily, I didn’t feel out of breath and I was able to concentrate. I was both impressed and ecstatic! Thank you Emma.”


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