Habits are repeat patterns of thought and behaviour which we do automatically. Created over time and often modelled from those around us, they save us time, effort and energy. Most people are unaware of the impact of their everyday habits.

It’s useful to take stock and consider how your habits are helping and hindering you? How do your everyday habits align with your goals? Which ones have you outgrown but still revert back to?

When our goals and our behaviour don’t match up, progress is limited. We can feel conflicted, frustrated and dissatisfied. For example, in terms of lifestyle; you want to lose weight, but find yourself unable to break your tea and biscuit habit. Or you are feeling really busy and stressed out at work, but find yourself on social media wasting time and looking for distractions.

Become aware of your habits in your usual routines today :

1. In places, for example at home, the gym or at work.
2. With people, family, friends, colleagues and new interactions

Make a list of the habits which are serving you well, perhaps they get you the results that you want, whilst saving time, effort or energy. Maybe you want to replicate these elsewhere in your life.

Make a list of the habits that are no longer serving you well, are causing you pain or need to be scrambled. Now you have identified them you can make a plan to interrupt these patterns and create more insightful and supportive habits, one by one.

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