Are you looking for one-to-one bespoke wellbeing coaching – specially developed for high fliers? Welcome to the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle Peak Performance Programme has been specifically created to provide high end, bespoke coaching and mentoring to business executives and entrepreneurs.

It is common that, during times of high stress, business leaders and entrepreneurs let their health slip. Do you:

  • Find yourself thinking about work when you are with your family?
  • Neglect your diet and skip lunch breaks?
  • Lead a sedentary lifestyle, sitting down for most of the day and evening?
  • Neglect exercise and rarely allow yourself any down-time?
  • Notice your weight increasing and muscle tone being lost?
  • Work late into the night and then struggle to fall asleep?
  • Suffer from insomnia due to work pressures and worries?
  • Regularly set unrealistic deadlines, which cause you to feel stressed?
  • Feel depressed, frustrated, anxious or restless?
  • Have difficulties with effective decision-making?
  • Worry that your losing confidence, motivation and energy?

“Revolutionary and ground breaking support which has empowered me to take action on things that I have been avoiding doing.”

While many claim to thrive on the buzz of pressure, all this relentless industry can all too easily become a negative pattern. The drive for success can become an obsession which quickly erodes any joy and satisfaction in work and life, leaving business executives feeling detached from their original sense of purpose. This type of long-term stress can seriously impact health and wellbeing, sometimes leading to physical and emotional break down that hits without warning and takes years to bounce back from.

Delivered over a 12-month period the one-to-one Inner Circle Programme draws from the disciplines of sport, business and health. It applies a high performance strategy that takes proactive steps to ensure health, wellbeing and business performance are both balanced and sustained.

This means that, rather than relying on a reactive coaching or therapy session when your performance, efficiency and overall wellbeing are already compromised; you take proactive action in advance to stay in tip top shape. Inevitably, due to the nature of your work, you will slip and, when this happens, you will notice sooner and you will be empowered and able to get back on track more efficiently, with minimal bother.

The Inner Circle Peak Performance Programme puts a support system in place, which holds you accountable for your own goals and targets, just as your business coach or board would in a business capacity.

Once monthly sessions over twelve months.

For those who already take care of their wellbeing and want maintenance, accountability and additional cutting edge techniques and expertise.

Twice monthly sessions over twelve months.

For those prone to poor work life balance patterns and neglected wellbeing. This programme will help you to manage yourself better and establish new habits whilst preventing burn out and stress.

Weekly sessions.

This exclusive programme can be devised from scratch specifically around your unique health and lifestyle situation. Please contact the Performance Circle to discuss your specific requirements.

Sign up to your bespoke programme and benefit from.

Transformational target setting for optimal work life balance.
A suite of tools to manage physiology and mindset.
Exercise, movement and mental focus targets.
Sleep and performance strategies.
Mindfulness, hypnotherapy and wellbeing plans.
Regular health and wellbeing checks.
Ongoing coaching support and accountability.

The Inner Circle Programme is a unique model that equips entrepreneurs and business leaders with 360-degrees of best practice habits for peak performance, both inside and outside the office.
Can you sustain high performance without it?
To find out more about the Inner Circle Peak Performance Programme, or to discuss the programme further, please complete the form below or contact the Performance Circle on 07989 400047 to discuss how to take control of your work-life balance.

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